Sotto controllo (1995)

Linda and Peter Pratman's son Adam is autistic, but they still love him and hope that he'll at least start talking some day. However he's teased and abused by the kids of the neighborhood and his grandpa . When several people around Adam die an unexpected death, his parents start to suspect Adam - is he just simulating to be so ignorant about his environment?

Genere: Film / Drammatico / Horror

Anno: 1995

Paese: Stati Uniti

Regia: George Mihalka

Attori: Darlanne Fluegel, James Brolin, Martin Neufeld, Denise Crosby, M. Emmet Walsh, Matthew Dupuis, Bruce Dinsmore, Linda Sorensen, Vlasta Vrana

Durata: 94

Traduzione: Italiano

Sotto controllo

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Sotto controllo
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