F.B.I. Agenti in sottoveste (1988)

Ellie DeWitt and Janis Zuckermann are admitted to the very strict FBI Training Academy. They get a hard course, in which they learn to deal with guns and to recognise crimes. They also get a physical training. It appears that Ellie is a real fighting- machine, in contrast with Janis, the great student. They have to help each other, all the way to graduation.

Genere: Film / Commedia / Gangster

Anno: 1988

Paese: Stati Uniti

Regia: Daniel Goldberg

Attori: Rebecca De Mornay, Mary Gross, Fred Dalton Thompson, Larry Cedar, Ken Marshall, Raymond Singer, James Luisi, Rex Ryon, Norman Bernard

Durata: 82

Traduzione: Italiano

F.B.I. Agenti in sottoveste

Mixdrop Scarica Italiano HD [MP4] 1.16 GB AAC 82 min Supervideo Scarica Italiano HD [MP4] 1.16 GB AAC 82 min

F.B.I. Agenti in sottoveste
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