Chapaqua's Gold (1970)

Doc and Chapagua are two rogues who acquire a large stash of gold before the Civil War. They agree to hide it together, blindfolding each other on the way so they'll need each other to find the hiding place. After the War, double-crosses abound as Doc and Chapagua not only have to deal with the army, but with the seductive, gold-hungry Moira as well.

Genere: Film / Western

Anno: 1970

Paese: Stati Uniti

Regia: Giancarlo Romitelli

Attori: George Ardisson, Linda Veras, Rik Battaglia, Federico Boido, Boby Lapointe, Pasquale Basile, Goffredo Unger

Durata: 68

Traduzione: Italiano

Chapaqua's Gold

Mixdrop Scarica Italiano HD [MP4] 1.16 GB AAC 68 min Supervideo Scarica Italiano HD [MP4] 1.16 GB AAC 68 min

Chapaqua's Gold
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